Long Yang enterprise was founded in 1995, providing the network cabling solutions and professional services.

1996's      Obtained IBM ACS angency in the district of Taiwan.

1999's  Obtained AVAYA SYSTIMAX SCS(Commscope SYSTIMAX SCS)of Taiwan agency.

2000's  Obtained the UPS and PDU Agency.

     Since its establishment, in view of the enterprise network to provide the best service and complete solutions.

      Due to the most advanced products and technology, at present, ACS for IBM, SYSTIMAX SCS (CommScope SYSTIMAX SOLUTIONS) agency in Taiwan

      The service locations in Taipei and Kaohsiung, also set up Shingchun for logistics center.The Shanghai company was founded in the Q2 of 2002.

2003's  Due to the business needs, set up Shanghai company to service.

    Development has its own network cabling products.FastLink was created, it is own brand and marketing for China area.

2004's  Quantasy Enterprise Co., Ltd get UPS agency,provide energy saving setting of buildings design, planning services.

2008's  Established photoelectric department, fiber patch cable grinding chamber.Purchased of optical fiber welding machine and optical time analyzer, 

      to provide customers a complete fiber solution.   

2013's  Set up the network cabling LAB, network analyzer, and purchased all kinds of test instruments, sufficient preparation for now and the future of Internet challenge.

2014's  Obtained Taiwan of CyberPower UPS and PDU's agency.

2015's  Long Yang obtained TUV certification and run ISO 9001 system.



     Long Yang enterprise, founded in 1995, founded in the early marketing agents and IBM Advanced Connectivity network cabling system for the main business.Due to the most market pulse, professional distribution, again CommScope SYSTIMAX angency in 1999.


  For more than 10 years of experience in sales and installation business, users of commercially available cabling products improvement suggestion, be driven Long Yang to develop their own cabling solution products. For own brand of "FastLink".In 2000 formally registered and on the basis of the existing product continuous improvement to meet market expectations, and to develop more products that meet the market demand at the same time. Continueing FastLink products consistent characteristics: according to different user needs, to provide users of different industries for the characteristics of the product.


     Long Yang enterprise to service the mass of users, to provide professional consulting, so the company sales personnel except with rich experience in sales and original technology certification, national technology and the authentication and the Fluke network test technology certification.


     Long Yang company have responsible attitude, the pursuit of product stability and high performance characteristics, FastLink Cat. 5e and Cat. 6, products are ETL, and the Delta recognized certification EC.




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