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SDP International GuangZhou Co., LTD selected FastLink Cabling System


Source: SDP super vision website

        The 10.5th generation TFT-LCD display production line project of Chaoshi International Science and Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was built by agreement between Foxconn (Hon Hai Group) and SDP and Guangzhou Municipal People's Government.


Source: SDP super vision website

        Hon Hai Group has rich experience in building factories. SDP has been committed to the technical development of large LCD panels. It has the most advanced panel and display technology and experience. Since 2009, the production of G10 has become the first in the world. The newly-built "10.5 Generation Display Full Eco-Industrial Park" project is located in the core area of Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou, covering more than 2,000 mu, with a total investment of 61 billion yuan. After completion, it will be the world's most advanced and largest thin film transistor factory. Its 10.5 Generation 8K TFT-LCD display production line has a design capacity of 90,000 pieces per month, and the final product is mainly liquid over 65 inches. Crystal TV display screen and LCD TV set.


Source: SDP super vision website


Source: SDP super vision website

        The 10.5th generation TFT-LCD display production line project of Overview Technology is about to open the prelude of 8K display for us. 8K refers to the sharpness of digital image. Its wide gamut of color can show the color beyond nature. It is the highest fine image specification that human vision can recognize.


Source: SDP super vision website

        Foxconn, together with Super Vision Technology, has taken root in Zengcheng, China. In response to the policy direction of China Made 2025 and supply-side structural reform, it has introduced the world's most advanced 8K manufacturing technology. In the future, Chaoshi will take SDP as its parent company's "ingenuity" as its concept, through the intelligent manufacturing of industrial Internet, engage in display, intelligent TV, electronic whiteboard production and high-end display technology product research and development in Guangzhou, and take 8K display technology as the cornerstone, radiate to the industrial supply chain of the Pearl River Delta, and gradually build 8K ecological system, which will emerge in the following areas.


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        Intelligent Driving (Foxconn builds an intelligent environment-friendly and safe transportation network with V2X and intelligent keys, intelligent locomotives and intelligent charging network based on stacked Real-time, Dynamical and On-line large data technologies, combined with a variety of vehicle-mounted high-definition panels, echoing the demonstration of UWB mobile Internet vehicle and intelligent transportation applications, and with the National 13th and 14th Five-Year Plan. Directional alignment. Committed to the development and application of smart car operating system, Sharp's latest LGZO and FFD free display technology, through the combination of real and virtual, hard and soft integration, provides a changeable information display platform and human-computer interaction interface scheme, thereby enhancing the user experience of smart cars, and bringing revolutionary changes to future autopilot technology and road safety.)


Source: SDP super vision website

        Precision medical treatment (the latest trend in medical field using 8K imaging technology, including the development of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and fibropathological analysis of lesion tissue, its main advantage is that 8K resolution is 16 times clearer than Full HD (2K) images currently used in hospitals; the future will be more towards the development of fiber photography of robotic surgery and the combination of AI and 3D technology to improve the accuracy of minimally invasive surgery).


Source: SDP super vision website

        Intelligent City (Foxconn and Cisco cooperate to complete a set of "Intelligent City Implementation Monitoring Platform", which combines the application of urban street lighting management, urban parking management, urban environmental management, urban traffic flow management, garbage management, etc. Street lamp lighting management: with large meteorological data, according to weather changes to open and adjust the brightness of the street lamp, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Colleagues can actually monitor whether the street lights are malfunctioning and guarantee them immediately before the safety occurs. Parking management: for driving facts to control urban parking space consultation, to find parking space in the fastest time and shortest path, improve urban traffic flow and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. Environmental management: factual monitoring of urban air quality parameters, providing factual data for relevant units to improve the facts. Traffic Flow Management: Through urban WIFI full coverage, LoRa technology, factual control of traffic flow and traffic data, and with traffic signal control, ease urban traffic congestion. Garbage management: Actual utilization rate data of ash machine city garbage bin, with dynamic route planning of garbage truck, improve the efficiency of urban garbage disposal and maintain the city appearance.)


Source: SDP super vision website

        The birth of Smart Home (8K technology) has initiated the networking, informationization and intellectualization of biochemistry in smart home, which has led to the ecosystem of smart home. Through 8K technology, smart home can provide more intimate services in entertainment life, social life, safe life and healthy life.


Source: SDP super vision website


Source: SDP super vision website

        8K display technology makes it possible for human to build AIoT intelligent Internet of Things. Autopilot, industrial 4.0, intelligent commerce and other interconnections will change all aspects of our work and life.


Source: SDP super vision website

        Through many technical explanations and product demonstrations, and finally through multi-round bidding, FastLink Rongyang integrated wiring products have been recognized by users and successfully won the task of FAB production and building OA office network integrated wiring system, which is the 10th generation TFT-LCD display product line project of Supervisory Technology. FastLink Cat6A super-six shielding cabling products are used in the data center of the project's computer room; FastLink Cat6A shielding cabling products are selected in the copper cabling part of FAB production network; FastLink CAT6 shielding cabling products are selected in the optical fiber part; FastLink armored optical fiber products certified by CC-Link IE are selected in the optical fiber part to provide performance assurance and additional security protection for the connection between FAB machines and equipment; FastLin is selected in the OA office network part. The six types of non-shielded wiring products of K Cat6 have arranged nearly 10,000 information points in total. Finally, using OS2 zero-peak single-mode armored all-wave optical fiber as the backbone, the park network is connected together to ensure the stable, real-time and high-speed transmission of the entire park network, and to protect the production of 8K display screen in the future.

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