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Jinmen Hospital General Medical Building selected FastLink Cabling System

After the reform and establishment of Jinmen hospital in Taiwan, the hospital has completed the medical integration under the attention of the Department of health and the County Council. The hospital is established with the purpose of localizing the medical treatment and improving the quality of medical care. It aims to provide urgent and critical care, improve the overall medical satisfaction, and serve small, three-way, Taiwan, and tourists. It aims at responding to the increase of Jinmen's population, small, three-way, and In order to effectively integrate Taijin's medical resources and improve the overall medical care, a plan for the construction of Jinmen comprehensive medical hospital area was proposed.

The base area of the comprehensive medical building project is 40396.56 square meters, and the total floor area is 30989 square meters, including the comprehensive medical building with nine floors above the ground and one floor underground and the psychiatric building with three floors above the ground. With the completion of the comprehensive medical building of Jinmen hospital, the number of beds in Jinmen hospital has been increased from 288 to 474, and it can be expanded to 518 in the future. In terms of hardware, the project of rehabilitation can be expanded to the level of medical center in the future with the spatial planning of regional hospital or even quasi medical center.

Jinmen county hopes that after the hospital's medical treatment is improved, it will not only meet the needs of local villagers, but also serve the mainland Taiwanese, so that Jinmen will develop into a cross-strait medical center. There are about 7 million people in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou across the sea from Jinmen. These are the tourist sources for the implementation of cross-strait tourism and medical treatment, and also one of the opportunities for the development of Jinmen. International tourism medical treatment includes plastic medicine and Cosmetology, high-level physical examination, infertility center, etc.

    Fastlink cat.6 UTP wiring is used for data and Fastlink cat.5e UTP wiring is used for voice of Jinmen comprehensive medical building project, which was completed and put into use in 2012.

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