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Xi an Jiaotong-liverpool University


        Xian Jiaotong-liverpool University  (XJTLU) is a new type of International University with independent legal personality and distinctive characteristics, which was established by Xi'an Jiaotong University and Liverpool University in the UK with the approval of the Ministry of education of China. She is the only Sino foreign university in China with a bachelor's degree from the people's Republic of China and a degree from the University of Liverpool.


        Xian Jiaotong-liverpool University is located in Suzhou, China, which is known as the "heaven on earth". Today's Suzhou not only retains the ancient city style of parallel land and water and the cultural tradition of advocating culture and education, but also is a modern city that keeps pace with the times and is open to the world. In particular, its internationally famous China Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park is home to a large number of world top 500 and international cooperative enterprises and R & D institutions, providing unparalleled economic and social ecology and broad development hinterland for the sustainable development of Xian Jiaotong-liverpool University.


        Xian Jiaotong-liverpool University continues to make full use of its unique mode and advantages of global education resources to achieve the planning goal in the next five years: the total number of students in school will reach 14000, including 10% to 20% of graduate students, 10% of overseas students, and the teaching staff will grow to 700-800, with about 30 high-level characteristic majors built, initially realized. Research oriented, unique and internationally recognized Chinese universities and international universities on Chinese land ".




        The South Campus of Xian Jiaotong-liverpool University plans to build facilities such as school of Arts and humanities, medical college, China UK university science and technology entrepreneurship Park, international academic center and overseas exchange center, which will be completed in the second Five-Year Plan period of campus development.


Design concept: 

1. Create a people-oriented space 

        The inspiration of design comes from users, so students' experience is the core of design. Comfortable and pleasant campus environment with vitality and creativity is the design tenet.

2. Create a learning environment belonging to the 21st century

        In the school environment of the 21st century, students not only study in the classroom, but also in the library. They can have different learning and exchange space in all corners of the school, encourage communication and interaction, and let different people benefit from it. In terms of design, there are various learning and communication spaces in the atrium, by the walkway and on the campus. The enclosed architectural form provides a centripetal pattern similar to that of teaching and learning. 
3. Coordination with the surrounding environment and buildings integrated into the city

        The centripetal pattern of the south campus is compared with the design of the north campus to achieve the purpose of campus space diversity. The facade of the building combines the color and proportion of some materials in the north campus, so that the south campus is integrated into a part of the whole university family. In addition, more natural materials are added to the design to make the appearance more durable. Visually, the main building of the north campus can be seen from the entrance of the South Campus and the center of the campus, making the visual connection between the two campuses clear. The buildings in the South also provide a good city interface.

4. Flexibility and efficiency

        The layout of the internal space of the building strives to be variable and flexible. The teaching space is developed around the spacious atrium, which is easy to merge and separate different spaces, so as to ensure the purpose of creating the optimal space allocation for different learning environment requirements, and also facilitate the communication between different students of Science. 

5. Convenience and at a glance       

        The overall layout of the enclosure gives a clear feeling. With the entrance atrium of the teaching building with glass curtain wall, the visual connection between the indoor and outdoor is opened, creating an open and friendly campus space. As long as the students enter the central area of the school, they can quickly and clearly find the route. The classroom offices on each floor are also easy to find in the atrium, avoiding the traditional long corridor pattern. 

6. Free car free campus environment

        The center area of the school is a car free area mainly for walking, which makes the activity space of teachers and students more comfortable, safe and quiet, and also provides a free place for learning and exchange activities. 
7. Sustainable development

        The design and facade treatment of the building itself correspond to the local climate and pay attention to microclimate. The five star lake in the school center can play a role of cooling and increasing ventilation in summer. There will be more in-depth design.


Effect drawing 1 of South Campus


Effect drawing 2 of South Campus


Site construction drawing of South Campus

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