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China Mobile Jinyi Information and Communication Industrial Park selected FastLink Cabling System


        China Mobile Zhejiang Jinyi information and Communication Industrial Park is the second largest industrial park in Zhejiang Province, which integrates R & D, manufacturing and service. The total infrastructure investment of the project is 3 billion yuan, and the land scale is 300 mu. The project includes China Mobile Reading base, communication room, IDC room, cloud computing center and warehouse of China Mobile Zhejiang company. Storage and logistics center, creative R & D center, value-added business R & D center, as well as R & D and entrepreneurship base and supporting housing of China Mobile Zhejiang company's partners. The project will take China Mobile as the core, integrate industrial chain resources, generate peripheral radiation effect, vigorously develop value-added business, build an industrial cluster science and technology park integrating R & D and service, attract many communication equipment manufacturers, terminal manufacturers and other large enterprises to set up production bases, R & D centers to settle in the park or expand investment, and guide value-added business enterprises to settle in the park. District.

        Jinyi information and Communication Industrial Park is located at the intersection of Jinyi Expressway and Guangshun street, Jinyi City New District, Jinhua City. The first phase of the project covers a total construction area of 91689.84 O, with a total ground construction area of 88654.77 O, and an underground construction area of 3035.07 O. Among them: the building area of data center is 60000 square meters (three data center computer rooms with four floors above the ground, including a provincial communication hub building with 20000 square meters); the total building area of maintenance and support room is 11000 square meters (a multi-storey building with one floor underground and five floors above the ground); the building area of warehouse storage and logistics center is more than 9000 square meters (one floor above the ground); the building area of power center is more than 4000 Square meters (one building with two floors above the ground); oil machine room with a building area of more than 1000 square meters (one building with one floor above the ground); two guard rooms (one floor above the ground); 220kV substation with a building area of about 3500 square meters (two floors above the ground).

       After many evaluations by the owner and experts, the first phase of the project finally selected Fastlink's generic cabling system, including six types of copper cables, OM3 10G MHz multimode fiber and OS2 zero water peak single-mode fiber solutions. In the data center part, Fastlink is specially configured with the MTP pre terminated fiber distribution frame tailored for the data center. The high-density optical fiber distribution frame can also be compatible with the optical fiber panel of common couplers, greatly improving the design flexibility and product installation compatibility.

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