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B-Soft Headquarters Office Building selected FastLink Cabling System


        Make great efforts, keep innovating, and make brilliant achievements.

        Since its establishment in December 1997, venture Software Co., Ltd. has made brilliant achievements after several years of development. With more than 1400 employees, the group is one of the top ten software enterprises in Zhejiang Province, a key information industry enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a key technological innovation enterprise in Hangzhou City, and the Zhejiang medical and health application software technology engineering research center is also established relying on the company. Focusing on the informatization construction of the medical and health industry, the venture software company has successfully developed dozens of series products. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and the cumulative number of users has exceeded 2000, covering 23 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. It has become a leading enterprise in the software research, development, promotion and application of the medical and health industry in China.


        With the further expansion of start-up software company, on December 9, 2016, the Hangzhou headquarters building of start-up software Co., Ltd., which took two years to complete, was officially opened. The building is located in Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang), covering an area of 7461 square meters, with a greening rate of 20% and a total construction area of 29600 square meters. The building is 80.1 meters high, with 16 floors of office above the ground and 2 floors of parking lot underground.


        Entrepreneurial software company not only has the software development core led by domestic leading medical and health industry experts, but also has many years of system integration and construction team of intelligent building (hospital) project, as well as sales experience of intelligent hardware and materials matching with system integration. Especially in the network server and generic cabling industry, the company has established a very professional technical and sales team at the beginning of its establishment, which also plays an important role in East China. In view of years of professional experience in the cabling industry, start-up software companies know the quality of many cabling brands in the market. Finally, Fastlink Rongyang generic cabling is very honored to be selected as the cabling brand of the new headquarters building - entrepreneurial smart building by the entrepreneurial software company. It provides six types of copper cables and OS2 zero water peak single-mode optical fiber solution products for the new building, and provides high-performance, stable and reliable network links for the company's office and software research and development and other businesses.

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