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Xi an Rainbow Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. selected FastLink Cabling System


        Xianyang Rainbow Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established on November 13, 2015. It was jointly invested by Xianyang Finance Holding Co., Ltd. and Xianyang Zhongdian Rainbow Group Holding Co., Ltd. According to the "8.6 Generation LCD Panel Production Line Project Investment Agreement" signed by China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Xianyang People's Government, it was located in Qindu, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. District High Tech Group has invested in the construction of an 8.6 generation production line of thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD). The size of glass substrate is 2250 x 2610, including four parts of production processes, such as array, color film, box-making and real-time assembly. The main products are 50 inches or more of TFT-LCD display screen. The design capacity of the production line is 120,000 pieces per month.

        FastLink Rongyang integrated wiring products have been basically recognized by users through early contact with users, technical explanation and product demonstration. Later, according to the good feedback from the owners of similar projects in the same industry, users finally decided to include FastLink Rongyang integrated wiring as an alternative brand. In the end, FastLink Rongyang integrated wiring successfully won the construction task of CIM production network and KVM network wiring of the project through multi-round bidding, and dispatched commissioners to support the engineers to complete the task on time and in good quality according to the progress of the user project.


        Rainbow Photoelectric Project is located in Xianyang High-tech Zone, Shaanxi Province, with a building area of 610338 m2. The project adopts international advanced IGZO liquid crystal manufacturing technology, copper wiring technology, GOA technology, COA technology of color film, and key new technologies such as Box-forming PSVAA. The monthly input is 120K glass substrates (2250*2610mm). The main products are the production of large-scale LCD TV panels such as 50, 58, 100. The resolution can reach over 8K UHD display effect.


        CIM integrated wiring provides support and management to the production network and KVM network of the factory of Xianyang Rainbow Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Factory access layer switch to network must meet Gigabit bandwidth, and core switch to access layer switch must meet Gigabit bandwidth. The network equipment provided must be stable, efficient and reliable. Fully support plant production demand 365 days * 24 hours a year. Good after-sales service.


        After the completion of the project, it can bring a wide range of social and economic benefits. It can drive the development of raw materials and components, such as glass substrates, liquid crystal materials, polarizers, backlight modules, driving IC, as well as related supporting industries of whole machine manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, effectively promote the economic development of Shaanxi Province and Xianyang City, and promote the development of information industry in Guanzhong area. At the same time, as the first advanced panel project in Xianyang area of Xi'an, this project will significantly contribute to the upgrading of Shaanxi's information industry and promote the balanced layout of flat panel display industry in the country.


        On the morning of December 25, 2017, the "CEC Xianyang 8.6 Generation LCD Panel Production Line Lighting Initiation Activity" sponsored by the CPC Xianyang Municipal Committee, the Xianyang People's Government and the China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. and sponsored by the Xianyang High-tech Zone Management Committee and the Xianyang Rainbow Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the Rainbow Photoelectric Reporting Hall in a grand ceremony. The main leaders of Xianyang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, as well as representatives of cooperative enterprises, financial institutions, participating units and related media, attended the activities with a total of more than 400 participants.


On December 25, CEC Xianyang 8.6 Generation LCD Panel Production Line Project Lighted Production Activities in XianyangHold. 

The picture shows Hu Ping, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and governor of the province, inspecting the 8.6 generation LCD panel production line.

(photo source: Shaanxi daily, December 26, 2017)

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