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Vipabc Shanghai Financial Street Helen Center Project selected FastLink Cabling System

        VIPABC is the world's first online education "unicorn" company developed by the Silicon Valley technology team in the United States. With its exclusive DCGs dynamic curriculum system, VIPABC will accurately match foreign consultants and learners from more than 80 countries and 100 cities around the world, and create customized courses and textbooks for learners. VIPABC is the world's first 24 / 7 / 365 live online education institution, with more than 10000 foreign consultants. More than 10 million online education courses are offered every year, with customers in 135 countries and regions around the world.


        On September 5, 2016, witnessed by the leaders of Hongkou District, Shanghai, Yang Ming, founder and chairman of VIPABC, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sheng Huaping, deputy general manager of Financial Street Holding Co., Ltd. and executive director of Financial Street (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd. VIPABC officially settled in two office buildings B and C of Financial Street (Helen) center, which was built by financial street holding in Shanghai.



Group photo of signing ceremony

        After the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, VIPABC will hold two office buildings in the Financial Street (Helen) center, which is unique in the online education industry and even the entire education industry.


Renderings of Financial Street (Helen) center

        Helen center project of Financial Street is located at the intersection of Siping Road, hailun Road, Hongkou core, adjacent to the North Sichuan Road Business District, seamlessly connecting the North Bund Business District and the Wujiaochang business district radiated by Siping Road. It is a rare super large-scale subway business office complex in line 4 and line 10. The total construction area of the project is 168900 square meters, of which the 5A class A office area of the main tower in the south is about 64000 square meters, with a total of 32 floors, and there are another five single office buildings in the north, with an area of 5000-10000 square meters.

        The cooperation between viapc and Financial Street holdings is a strong alliance of two leading companies in the industry. It is the first cross-border cooperation between education and real estate, creating the industry's pioneer, and will bring more opportunities and better prospects for the development of the North Bund.


Financial Street (Helen) center under construction

        Fastlink Rongyang generic cabling successfully won the bid for the VIPABC Dalian Road Baodi square project in 2015. In addition to the traditional level of six categories of Gigabit and trunk 10 Gigabit performance requirements, the project also adopted a series of products such as color management and voice distribution frame with 25p LED display for the first time. Thanks to the special requirements of TSN (time sensitive network) time sensitive network, such as industrial Ethernet, for network stability, orientation and real-time transmission, which have been fully considered at the beginning of the research and development of Fastlink Rongyang generic cabling system, it not only ensures the high performance and stability of the network generic cabling system, but also increases the ease of use, management and real-time transmission of the project generic cabling system. So as to improve and ensure the connection requirements of online education for the efficiency, stability and real-time of network transmission.

        After more than one year of practical application and verification, Fastlink Rongyang generic cabling system has been recognized by users, and once again successfully won the bid for the VIPABC Shanghai Financial Street Helen center project. The total number of information points of the project is more than 5000, and the network architecture of level six categories of Gigabit and trunk 10 Gigabit is still used, and the network of generic cabling color management and 25p LED display voice distribution frame is continued. Organizational system.

        Fastlink Rongyang enterprise is honored to be able to provide network generic cabling system for global online education "unicorn" company like VIPABC. We will do our best to provide technical support for project installation and maintenance, and escort the international online education.

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