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Jieh-Ming Polymer Materials selected FastLink Cabling System

   Jieming polymer materials (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is located in No. 268, Xingci Second Road, Hangzhou Bay New Area, Ningbo, the second largest city in Zhejiang Province, Jiangnan Water Town and seaport city. It was registered and established in 2017 in Hangzhou Bay New Area Branch of Ningbo municipal market supervision administration.


   The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of polymer hose materials and pipes, involving industry, medical treatment, life and other fields, and always provides customers with good products, technical support and sound after-sales service.



   In addition, the company also produces PVC rubber particles, medical rubber particles, CA hoses and NSF series products that meet the corresponding international industry standards.


   As the products produced by Jieming polymer materials (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. have very high requirements for ROHS environmental protection of materials, and the company adopts international advanced automatic production equipment and technology, so the selection and requirements for brand materials of network generic cabling are also very strict. Through multiple rounds of investigation, communication and understanding by users, Fastlink Rongyang composite was finally selected. Cabling system to build the company's entire office and production network cabling platform to ensure the stability and reliability of the company's office and production data transmission. The following are the customer's considerations on the selection of generic cabling system for reference only: 

   In the level six cables with the largest amount of wiring system, the user finally chose the six types of unshielded cables with Fastlink passing the certification test of SGS certification agency RoHS 2011 / 65 / EU (RoHS version 2.0 in Europe).


   In order to distinguish and introduce the application of the company's office and production subsystems, the concept of color management of international generic cabling was fully absorbed in the selection of generic cabling materials. Finally, four colors of white, blue, red and yellow were selected to construct the network cabling system, so that the application of different subsystems of the network was clear at a glance.


   Considering the space problem of the network cabling cabinet in the computer room, Fastlink is specially selected for the project, which has a special angle distribution frame system. The copper jumper is directly introduced into the vertical cable management frame on the left and right sides of the cabinet, which eliminates the water leveling cable management frame installed for each distribution frame in the traditional generic cabling, and greatly saves the precious layout space of the cabinet.



   Similarly, in order to place the cabinet in a more reasonable use space, Fastlink 1U high-density stackable fiber-optic receiving box is selected in the central cabinet part of the machine room. A single receiving box can hold 96 core fiber-optic cables, and only three of them need to be stacked to achieve the density of 288 core 4U receiving box used in the traditional host room. Moreover, the receiving box can be directly upgraded to MPO / MTP after replacing the panel module. The pre terminated optical fiber cable box provides the possibility of upgrading the network backbone to 40g or 100g smoothly in the future.



   In the construction of the optical cable part of the network backbone, the operation requirements of the current network and the requirements for expansion and upgrading in the future are fully considered. Finally, Fastlink 12 core om30000mb multimode metal armored optical cable is selected, which can not only meet the needs of 10g0000mb bandwidth and high-speed transmission of the network, but also select bending insensitive flexible optical fiber with higher specifications and performance requirements. It further reduces the attenuation caused by the construction route and installation bending of the optical cable, and ensures the high performance of the whole network backbone transmission.

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