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Cat.6A cabling solutions

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Product overview

Fastlinkcabsys Cat.6A shielded cabling system is an End-to-End solution designed for 10G Ethernet high-speed applications. 

It is suitable for Data Center, Enterprise level core office network, Multimedia network teaching, Digital Library, 4K high-definition video conference system (HDBaset) and other application environments. 

It also supports Industrial 4.0 core Ethernet Applications with high requirements for real-time performance and anti-interference. 

The system meets the IEEE802.3bt standard and supports PoE++(Type3) Ethernet power supply within 60W. 

The newly designed Cat.6A field quick end connector meets the requirements of the latest TIA-568.2-D international standard. 

The MPTL connection mode allows installers to quickly deploy connecting parts, making it possible to connect high-speed wireless APS, high-definition surveillance cameras, medical diagnostic equipment, intelligent industrial machines, etc., and to achieve plug and play convenience and future capacity expansion. 

The whole series of products comply with EU 2011/65/eu (RoHS 2.0) environmental protection standards.

Product features

It adopts a full series of shielded wiring design, with excellent anti electromagnetic interference ability, so that the twisted pair cable for data transmission can effectively reduce the crosstalk and high-frequency noise interference between lines, and ensure the accuracy of the cable during transmission.

ANSI/TIA 568.2-D Cat.6A, ISO/IEC 2nd class EA standard, transmission bandwidth up to 500MHz.

Support high-speed LAN applications such as 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1gbase-t, 2.5g/5gbase-t, 10GBASE-T, etc.


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