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FL-K1024 1U rack type non stacking optical Fiber Enclosure

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Product advantage

- The rack type optical fiber enclosure is made of metal material; the surface is coated with electrostatic foundation make-up and treated with wear-resistant baking varnish.

- 19" 1U 2 slots design, each slot can be installed with a modular fiber panel, with ST, SCFC and LC type selection; Load ST, SC and FC modules with a maximum capacity of 24 cores; Load LC modules maximum capacity to 48 cores.

- Two optical fiber inlet holes are provided on the left and right sides behind the box.

- Two fiber clamps, fixed rods and bridges are set on the left and right sides of the receiving box respec tively for installing and fixing optical fiber.

- It contains an optical fiber enclosure (wire management and welding fixation) which can accommodate the excess length of optical fiber.

- Provide front cable rack and cable rack cover plate, so that the optical fiber patch cord has excellent bending space and provides good plugging space.

- The enclosure cannot be directly stacked and installed. A cable management rack needs to be placed between the two enclosures, at least up the enclosure. Appropriate space is reserved above the container to facilitate installation and future maintenance.

- Comply with ROHS 2011/65/EU environmental protection standards.

Order information

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Note: the above panels are empty, and the coupler needs to be equipped separately.

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K1024 enclosure is delivered with two FL-LCDR12 panels, and each port is equipped with plugs.During installation, install a corresponding number of LC duplex or SC simplex couplers according to the actual number of fiber cores to be terminated. 

A single k1024 fiber enclosure can accommodate up to 24 SC simplex couplers (24 cores) or 24 LC duplex couplers (48 cores).

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