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FL-FR0104BK 1U high density stackable optical Fiber Enclosure

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      *. 12 core universal LC multimode OM4 pre terminated (male) optical fiber module box

      *. 24 core high-low LC multimode OM4 pre terminated (male, 12C*2) optical fiber module box


Product advantage

- It is made of aluminum alloy with a thickness of 1.6mm (14AWG); The surface is coated with electrostatic foundation make-up and treated with wear-resistant baking varnish.

- The optical fiber receiving disc with a radius of 40mm and the welding fixed disc can accommodate the excess length of optical fiber.

- Easy lock upper cover buckle design allows you to disassemble the upper cover plate without tools; Make installation easier.

- 1U/four slots design, each slot can be installed with a modular fiber panel or an MPO pre terminated optical fiber module box.

- The modular optical fiber panel has ST, SC, FC, LC and MPO type options; Loading ST, SC, FC modules max capacity to 24 cores; Load the maximum capacity of LC module to 96 cores; Load up to 24 MPO modules.

 (maximum capacity 288 cores <12 core mpo> or 576 cores <24 core mpo>)

- Compatible with the installation of pre terminated optical fiber module boxes, four pre terminated module boxes can be installed; The maximum capacity is 96 C (LC type).

- The L-shaped fixing piece of the storage box can be moved back and forth to adjust the fixed position.

- The front cable rack and cable rack cover plate are provided, and the cable rack depth is more than 90mm, so that the optical fiber jumper has excellent bending space and provide good plugging space.

- The cable rack cover can be lifted up, down or the whole cover can be removed.

- Easy patch design, the box can be stacked and slide free, which does not affect the jumper plugging space.

- Comply with ROHS 2011/65/EU environmental protection standards.


Order information

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