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FL-68H, FL-68L Cat.6 Unshielded Patch Cord, U/UTP, 28AWG

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Product advantage

- Comply with TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1, ANSI/TIA 568.2-D Cat.6 and ISO/IEC 11801 2nd class E.

- Advanced stranding process is adopted for Cat.6 of multi stranded copper wire jumper, with a transmission bandwidth of 250MHz.

- The outer skin is made of standard flame-retardant material and can be selected with flame-retardant PVC and LSOH low smoke halogen-free.

- Mechanical crimping protective sleeve and RJ45 shrapnel protection design are adopted.

- It can provide jumpers of eight colors, meeting TIA-606 color management standard.

- Comply with ROHS 2011/65/EU environmental protection standards.

Product characteristics

RJ45 connector conforms to UL/CSA FCC part 68, sub part F

Cable insulation material conforms to UL-94V-0

Contact plating: 50μ Gold Plated /100μ plate with nickel

Interface plugging times: >1000

Plug and pull resistance: minimum 11lbf (50N) between plug and interface

Outer diameter: 3.8+/-0.2mm (28AWG)

Maximum DC resistance: <22.3 Ω /100m at 20 ℃

Mutual capacitance: <5.6nf/100m

Applicable temperature: -20 ℃ to +75 ℃

Insulation strength (conductor conductor):1000VAC, 60hz/1min

Insulation impedance: >500M ohms (500VDC)

Contact impedance: <35M ohm

Rated voltage / current: 150VAC/1.5Ampere

Inner conductor gauge: 28AWG stranded copper

Cable sheath material: PVC or LSOH in accordance with IEC 60332-1-2

Meet the standards

TIA/EIA 568-B.2

ANSI/TIA 568.2-D

ISO/IEC 11801 2nd Edition

EN 50173 2nd Edition

EN 55022 Class B

Can be used




1.2/2.4Gbps ATM

TP-PMD(ANSI X3T9.5 100Mbps)

4/16Mbps Token Ring



Order information

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Transmission Characteristics

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P2.06.13_Cat.6 Unshielded Patch Cord,U-UTP,28AWG.pdf

P2.06.13_六类非屏蔽跳线 U-UTP,28AWG.pdf

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