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Voice cabling solutions

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Product overview

FastLinkcabsys Voice cabling solution complies with international ANSI/TIA 568.2-D Cat.3 standard, which is mainly used in telephone voice, 10M Ethernet (10Base-T) and 4Mbps token ring applications, and is suitable for office phones and 10M Ethernet applications. The whole series of products comply with EU 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2.0) environmental protection standards.

Product characteristics

Cable conforms to ANSI/TIA 568.2-D Cat.3the ISO/IEC 2nd Class C standard has a transmission bandwidth of 16Mhz and a maximum transmission rate of 10Mbps.

It can jump between 100 pairs of 110 type Patch Panel  through a pair of telephone jumper lines (blue and white lines), 110-110 duck beak lines 110-RJ45 Patch Cord.

It can also jump between 25 ports of fast telephone Patch Panel through RJ11-RJ11 telephone Patch Cord. 

Its unique port has a functional design of LED lights, it can clearly let you know the usage of each port and reduce misplugging.

Meet the standards

ANSI/TIA 568.2-D, category 3


ANSI/ICEA S-90-661-2006, category 3

ISO/IEC 11801 2nd Edition Class C

EN 50173 2nd Edition Class C

GB 50311-2016,category 3

GB/T 50312-2016,category 3

GB 50314-2015,category 3


Can be used


4Mbps Token Ring



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