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Product architecture of Voice Patch Panel

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Product architecture of 25 ports 6P4C Voice Patch Panel

Fastlinkcabsys 25 ports quick telephone Patch Panel, with unique LED lights on each port, not only provides high stability and reliable transmission quality, but also improves the feasibility of subsequent adjustment. Users do not need the help of any tools to complete each jump action. At the same time, the visual LED lights also clearly let you know the use of each port and reduce future maintenance problems caused by incorrect plugging.

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100 pairs 110 voice Patch Panel product architecture 

100 pairs 110 Patch Panel is the earliest and most classic generic cabling core distribution product. It is now mainly used in telephone distribution system, commonly known as jumper frame and fish skeleton. Generally, a 100 pairs 110 distribution frame is 1U high, including two 50 pairs fish skeletons on the left and right. It can be directly installed in a 19 " cabinet. It can be crimped with 4 or 5 pairs of connecting blocks to connect 2-core telephone lines, 2 or 4 pairs of 4-core IP telephone lines or 4 pairs of 8-core Ethernet cables. A pair of telephone jumper wires (blue and white wires), 1, 2, 4 pairs of 110-110 duckbill wires, 1, 2, 4 pairs of 110-RJ45 transfer jumpers are used for jumper connection, It plays the role of flexible transfer, flexible distribution and comprehensive and unified management of transmission signals.

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