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FL-31DUI、FL-31CUI Indoor and outdoor multi pair communication cables

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Product advantage

- It adopts advanced winding process and conforms to TIA/EIA 568 and ISO/IEC 11801 characteristic standards.

- Indoor Cat.3 communication cables are suitable for being used as the voice backbone transmission medium of building complexes and vertical backbone subsystems.

- The large logarithm communication cable can also be used as the telecommunication line of the local  telecommunication network or the private network line connected to the public network.

- The outer skin is made of standard fire-resistant materials and can be made of flame-retardant PVC and LSOH low smoke halogen-free materials.

Product characteristics

Conductor wire gauge: bare copper wire, 0.4mm+0/-0.02mm

Operating voltage: minimum 30VDC / maximum 72VDC

Strength between conductors of insulated electrical apparatus: DC 2000V/3S no breakdown

Strength between conductor and shield of insulated electrical apparatus: DC 6000V/3S no breakdown

Average value of working capacitance nf/km:52 ± 2

Conductor material: annealed bare copper wire

Sheath material: PVC / LSOH (indoor), polyethylene PE (outdoor)

Insulation material: polyethylene PE

Line pair unit: 25 pairs of integer multiples

Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

Meet the standards

IEC 60332-1-2

Can be used

- Fixed communication line of local telecommunication network

- Audio transmission

- 150kHz and below analog signal

- Digital signal of 2mbit/s and below


- ISDN integrated services data network

Order information

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