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FL-1P-WB Single pair blue and white jumper wire wheels

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Product advantage

- Fastlinkcabsys single pair blue and white jumper wire wheels support 10Mb/s applications; It is mainly used for jumping between terminal boards of voice 110 Patch Cord.

- 305m shaft mounted, easy to install and not easy to knot.

- Single pair voice patch cord transmission rate can support tp-pmd, ISDN, VoIP and other integrated service data networks.

- Single strand 24AWG copper conductor plus HDPE insulation is twisted in pairs.

- Comply with ROHS 2011/65/EU environmental protection standards.

Product characteristics

Conductor gauge: 24AWG

Insulation material: HDPE

Cable outer diameter: 1.9+/-0.3mm

Maximum DC resistance: 9.38ohms/100m max

Mutual capacitance: 4.9nf/100m Max

Operating temperature: -40 to +75

Order information

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