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Data center pre terminated Cabling solution


Product overview

Fastlinkcabsys pre terminated cabling solutions include a full range of cabling solutions for pre terminated copper cables and pre terminated optical fibers.

Pre terminated cabling allows rapid deployment on demanding application infrastructures such as high-density end-to-end data center networks. 

It is an End-to-End network cabling product designed by enterprises for high performance, high density and high flexibility.

With the help of factory prefabrication and strict testing and other management and control processes, we can reliably and quickly meet the requirements of customer data center machine room deployment.

Product features

Performance requirements comply with ANSI/TIA 568.2-D / 568.3-D, ISO/IEC 11801 Second Amendment standard.

The pre terminated Copper cable adopts high-performance Cat6A 10 Gigabit shielding products, and takes six Cat6A links as a standard combination unit.

The optical fiber pre termination adopts low attenuation optical fiber connection components, and the link channel has good attenuation allowance, which is more elastic when designing the pre terminated optical fiber solution.

Modular design makes maintenance and expansion more convenient. The product consists of high-density optical fiber box capacity, pre terminated optical fiber module, and pre terminated optical fiber (trunk cable, breakout cable, fanout cord, array cord) with different structures.

The fiber types include OM3/OM4 (Maxcap) laser optimized lommf multimode flexible fiber and OS2 (Teracap) zero water peak single-mode flexible fiber, which can meet the needs of current and future applications.

Meet the requirements of ANSI/TIA 568.3-D fiber polarity specification.

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