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Pre terminated Copper solution


Fastlinkcabsys Pre terminated copper backbone provides an easy to install and cost-effective alternative to field terminated channels (with data center as the main application scenario).

The Pre terminated copper trunk cable, the high-performance Cat6A jack and Cat6A U/FTP shielded twisted pair are pre installed in the original factory according to the actual needs of users, and 100% pass the strict test. Compared with field termination, it has convenient installation and reliable performance, which not only increases the flexibility of repeated movement, but also improves the efficiency of field end cabling in Data Centers and high-density environments. It is the best choice for the rapid deployment of modern cabling systems.



Fastlinkcabsys Pre terminated backbone copper cables are a group of 6 links by default, and are customized according to the user's on-site measured length (note that after the length is determined, do not arbitrarily change the route of the actual cable layout in the future, so as to avoid the occurrence of long or short cables).



The Pre terminated trunk copper cable can be terminated in two ways: lateral incoming line and forward incoming line. The length of the six links of the lateral incoming line decreases, and the step length is about the distance between the two ports of the 24 port distribution frame). 

The line sequence defaults to the left incoming line mode identification at the rear of the cabinet (if there is only right incoming line on site, please pay attention to the link identification line sequence and the port sequence of the distribution frame); The length of the six links of the forward incoming line is the same.

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